Collin W. Buechler

About Me

According to the back of the last book I published I am, so far as you are concerned, A father, a husband, a son, a video game enthusiast, and last but not least some bloke who likes to put pen to paper and write stories and draw childish pictures while possibly writing bad poetry. Correction, definitely writing bad poetry.

Any other activity that I may, or may not partake in is purely in the service of putting a roof over my children’s heads and food in their stomaches. This is what, I oft refer to it as, “the Money Job” is for.

My Books

Pretty much anything that I have put to paper is and available to you via Amazon. You can find a full listing of the books under the Published Works page of this site.

If you want a virtual book because you love trees and don’t want to harm them, ebooks are also available on Amazon for your Kindle or the Kindle App on your mobile device.


Many of the stories available via e-book, the 1s and 0s version of the book that doesn’t involve chainsaws, pulping, soaking, smashing and the drying of a tree to form paper, are very likely free on Kindle. So yeah, go forth, read something I wrote and not pay me a dime, that is what the “Money Job” is for.

The Gaming With Dad Show

Video games have been a life long passion of mine ever since my parents bought me a Milton Bradley MicroVision. It only got worse with the advent of the Mattel Intellivision (which I still have and it works). TGWDS is a youtube channel in which I review video games and occasionally do a “Let’s Play”. You can click on the TGWDS page and I will put a link in the description.